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Without any investment into furnishing, you can show how a house or an apartment turns into an individually furnished, cozy living space, and thus assist your clients in their purchasing decisions. WebAR in e-commerce provides an improvement and rapid growth in the e-commerce business modules. Design the interactive prototypes, develop the back-end using API and agile development.

The visualization capabilities of AR make it a great fit for real estate, with a diverse range of applications, including augmented reality rental services or digital tours of properties. As this one of the Augmented Reality technology companies, was founded almost nine years back, they have successfully created a reputable position for themselves in the AR industry. If you are looking for services like 360 video, customized Augmented Reality applications, and Augmented Reality software, they are the one you should definitely have a look at. This one of the top AR companies is widely known for its specialization in front-end development but this one of the top AR brands also can cover the back-end development quite well. The Augmented Reality software company aims to keep on delivering excellent AR and VR services and also to keep on moving forward while experimenting with various use case scenarios.

Augmented training and simulations

Customers can have a 3D avatar of the product in their environment and all the visible features. We enable these visualizations through advanced graphics and scalable architecture. MANUFACTURING, SERVICE, AND REPAIRS– Simplify assembly and maintenance processes with easily accessible interactive digital content.

augmented reality app development company

The prime motive of AR technology is to increase user engagement by providing them with real immersive experiences. We create custom augmented reality apps to improve business processes and audience engagement. Technologies used in augmented reality app development can depend on a number of factors, like the type of hardware being used, the available power of the device, and what application AR is being used for. Engaging users needs constant content updates, and we help maintain the value augmented reality app provides. Our team provides a continuous update of content to ensure that your app stays relevant to changing customer behavior.

Agile development

Create 3D walkthroughs that helps your customers to interact and customize the design needs. Validate the application performance, bug fixes, and entire quality-check process using different tests. Conceptualizing and analyzing the business objectives to define strategies for successful application. Apps that have a faster time-to-market and adhere to the best industry practices while being developed using an agile methodology.

augmented reality app development company

We are a partner of choice for our clients and a source of pride for our employees, catering global clients with top-notch web design and development services. Skywell Software created a realistic 3D models of lingerie and textured it for physical-based rendering with all the details. This solution creates a “wow” effect and motivates customers to make a purchase. Virtual lab simulations allow students to complete laboratory experiments through the web online and explore abstract concepts & complex theories without stepping into a physical science lab.

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The key to achieving growth potential today is embracing all that is new as innovation becomes the mainstay of selling. Embracing innovative solutions with AR applications can help augmented apps outgrow their limits. The following are some reasons why AR-based apps are essential for selling and branding.

ScienceSoft performed end-to-end application development and went on to evolve the app, adding AR geolocation and porting the app to tablets. Whether you want an app that augments reality with 3D models or with overlaying textual data, we offer all-round assistance in implementing your AR app’s content. Our designers create detailed 3D models based on photos, illustrations or even rough sketches, while UI/UX experts plan the layout of the augmenting data to make it display conveniently on any mobile device. Android iOS mobile Coinhook Read case Coinhook is a centralized exchange platform that offers a safe and simple way to buy, sell, store, and trade cryptocurrency. Our team was hired to develop a cross-platform mobile application assuming the same code for both iOS and Android operating systems.

Intelivita builds immersive games by providing scalable architecture, high-performance graphics, and gameplay. SLAM– Our AR app developers build interactive applications using Simultaneous Localization and Mapping to map environments and to aid indoor navigation and positioning. Program-Ace is an R&D and innovation-oriented software development company with 30 years of successful track records and vigorous growth on the market. Over the past several years, the game industry has been reinvigorated with some of the best AR games ever developed, and the augmented reality games market is stronger than ever. Amaris, one of the the best Augmented Reality agencies, is a 4,000 employee Worldwide Technology Consulting Company that was founded in 2007 and is based in Geneva, Switzerland. Since its inception, the company has been rapidly expanding and growing, and the Amaris Groups now counts 65 offices in over 50 countries globally.

How do AR applications work?

Since location anchors are dependent on Apple Maps data, this means that if the city is not supported by Apple Maps, functionality for location anchors may be limited. An AR app development is not just about 3D modeling; it also needs a reliable backend to deliver a graphics-heavy immersive experience. All the animations, intelligent visualizations, and immersive experiences need reliable architecture on all fronts. Intelivita is an expert in AR app development offering advanced tech stack and backend prowess.

Enhance static print ads and catalogs with embedded digital content, interactive videos and more. We are a leading company in the development of markerless AR solutions such as augmented reality app development company interior design apps. The team of this Augmented Reality development company can easily cooperate with rapidly growing startups, multi-million enterprises, and global brands.

  • Augmented Reality application development services give your augmented apps the cutting-edge and help them thrive.
  • With seamless AR publishing through the web or mobile browsers, we can help you create immersive experiences for the real world – no app, no downloads, just a simple browser click.
  • Enable prospective buyers to step into their next home or office with the AR app’s ability to install interiors of choice and see it come to life.
  • This type of AR involves digitally replacing an object or superimposing a virtual object on top of another.
  • It supports Plane detection, Anchors, Light estimation, 2D image tracking, 3D object tracking, body tracking, Occlusion, and more.

We believe in achieving results by combining great ideas with advanced technology and hiring the right augmented reality developers. Take a look at some of our successful AR development solutions for clients worldwide. Hire a pool of best talent with top-notch technical proficiency and unparalleled expertise over other platforms and cutting edge technologies for your augmented reality development project. Boost your sales, revenues, and branding by integrating your e-commerce website and apps with AR technology. Augmented reality is the new age cutting-edge technology capable of delivering and embedding the real physical world in digital devices.


Our goal was to develop an easy-to-use mobile application with a seamless user experience for the existing and already popular web product. Augmented Reality application development is already proving to be of great use to the industrial world and holds great potential for vastly improving productivity and reducing costs. Augmented Reality is an emerging trend within marketing and sales strategies… Ensure that the apps address the pain points of customers and deliver an engaging user experience by designing engaging front-ends and robust back-ends. Automotive manufacturers can enhance their marketing efforts and improve their manufacturing operations with AR.

Featured AR development companies

Google has made sure that Cloud Anchors can be seen by users on iOS devices as well. In this guide, we’ll discuss the details of augmented reality development in 2023, including the choice of technologies and the development flow. Creating an AR healthcare app is quite revolutionary for it enables the healthcare personnel to try their hands at procedures. AR app for healthcare offers an augmented setting for doctors and practitioners to run through the virtual process using AR to better the quality and safety for patients when performed in real life. Leveraging location-based technologies for your apps are more intuitive with AR technology.

We can help you give a new dimension to your marketing and advertising campaigns by projecting a virtual image on a real object within a physical space with projection-based AR apps. The development of any software product begins with the definition of business goals. Only when you clearly understand what results you want to achieve, can a development team help to create a workflow for you that meets your business needs. Traditionally, the process of creating an AR-powered product consists of 5 steps. One of the most groundbreaking elements of location anchors is how location is approximated.


Here at ITRex, we keep our finger on the pulse of AR technology to timely adapt our augmented reality development services to our clients’ needs. From basic QR codes to SLAM algorithms calculating a user’s position in three-dimensional space, our team uses dozens of techniques to design robust AR experiences. This trending technology enables users to interact with the digital world using real-world objects or the real world using digital media. Besides gaming, the technology has also established a presence in augmented apps over the years.

Augmented & Virtual Reality Software Development Services

We are always there for you in case of any bugs, errors or version upgrades and troubleshooting. MobiDev follows a clear development flow, starting with business analysis and deep technological research of each new project. We provide visibility on each delivery stage so that you can track progress. The documentation confirms that the goals of the project are met, and also simplifies further development and support of the software product.

Our experienced developers create custom solutions for a wide range of needs. Whether you are looking to build an enterprise-level augmented reality platform or something more consumer-friendly, the Program-Ace team has the skills and knowledge necessary to make it happen. By leveraging our expertise in AR development, you will benefit from custom solutions tailored specifically to your individual needs. The NEXT/NOW is one of the best Augmented Reality companies that firmly believes in combining creativity and digital content to deliver an exceptional interaction to their customers. Otinsoft helps companies from small to large-scale explore new markets and streamline processes through interactive digital applications and services with minimal financial and operational risks. Being an interactive digital product development firm, they offer a unique blend of knowledge which makes them a great choice for consulting, design and application development.

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